Ron Schenk is Coming to Austin

Jungian Analyst, Ron Schenk, is coming to Austin to share his perspectives on Depth Psychology. This special event includes a Friday night lecture and a Saturday performance. We hope to see you there.
Friday night, March 23rd
“Finance and Myth in American and Islamic Banking”
First United Unitarian Church
$12 members, $15 non-members, $8 students
CEUs available upon request.
Jung held that every collective body has its own “soul” or core element best expressed in the form of myth. In the aftermath of the American financial “meltdown” of 2008, this lecture will look at aspects of the irrational acts which took place in American banking, fostered by political and economic stimulation and connect them with a mythic narrative which underlies many aspects of American life.  At the same time we will interface this exploration with an elaboration of myths which underlie Islamic culture and show how these narratives give rise to an entirely different approach to banking practices.  Presentation enhanced with PowerPoint images.
Saturday afternoon, March 24th
“Liminal Space: A Performance/Presentation”
First United Unitarian Church Sanctuary
This event is a new form of presentation which combines song, poetry and art with psychological commentary to explore an archetypal theme, “liminality.” The intention is the merger of concepts usually held as distinct from each other such as “performance” and “lecture,” or “education” and “art.” The word, “liminal” refers to any object, situation or way of thinking that takes on the aspect of threshold, in-between space, “twilight zone,” or boundary or border crossing. The separate areas of liminal space to be explored are water ways, borderlands, cityscapes, seduction, and nightworld. Music comes from classical, jazz, show tune, traditional and popular genres, poetry from Shakespeare, Eliot and Frost, and art from a wide spectrum of art history displayed through powerpoint. Calling upon his training in voice, Jungian analyst Ron Schenk will read and sing accompanied by Linda Irwin on piano.
SPECIAL OFFER: Admission to both events can be purchased Friday nght for $30.
Ronald Schenk, PhD, LCSW, LPC, is a Jungian analyst, author and teacher in Dallas and Houston. His current writing focus is on American soul.  Recently he has combined his training in classical singing with his lecture material to create a multi-media event of performance/ presentation consisting of songs, poetry, artistic imagery and psychological observations.