April Event! Round Table Discussion-Myth and Archetype

Friday April 27th 7:30 to 9:30 pm
First Unitarian Church, 4700 Grover, Austin, TX

Priscilla Hobbs, current JSA president, will lead a discussion on Myth and Archetype. Myths and archetypes have shaped the human experiences for centuries, sharing common attributes yet manifesting in different ways across cultures. This discussion hopes to explore these broad topics throughout the ages, their meaning, and their effect on all of us. This is an open discussion and you will all be invited to contribute and discuss the topic.

Priscilla Hobbs is a doctoral candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Mythological Studies program. Her dissertation concentrates on the relationship between Disneyland and American mythology. Priscilla teaches Humanities at Austin Community College where she utilizes the myths of the past to teach students the myths of today. She is the founder of the Austin Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable and is the current president of Austin’s Jung Society. Her special interests surround exploring the new myths emerging in popular culture and how these myths can be used to decipher the changes in global culture. Though she has been studying myth her entire life, the most valuable lesson Priscilla has learned is that cats named after deities will absorb their attributes, as her kitten, Tangaroa, reminds her daily.

The address for the church is 4700 Grover Avenue. $10 donation to the Jung Society appreciated. We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “April Event! Round Table Discussion-Myth and Archetype”

  1. hi priscilla,

    your talk sounds lovely.

    wanted to let you know of a synchronistic event: my friend tammy west and i are exhibiting in the gallery at the unitarian church with many of our own mandalas — made from mosaic, pastel and natural materials. hope you and your colleagues have a chance to see them on friday night.


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